Monday, September 14, 2009

Tea for Pink Eye

Another issue of children back to school is Pink Eye. Which is very contagious, uncomfortable and everything must be cleaned to enusre that it does not surface again! Not only that, but the kids must stay home from school - let's get them back so that don't miss anymore assigments.
A simple recipe of boiling tea bag's is the key to help alleviate the symptoms of pink eye. Plain ole Lipton Tea is the cure. Simply boil a tea bag or multiple, let bag cool (but still warm) and place on the eye. You may also use a washcloth soaked in the tea - wring out and place on the eye. Do this 3-4 times a days and you will be amazed at how quick and easy the infection subsides.
As for cleaning make sure th bdding is washed and all toys are washed and sanitized. Be sure to use organic products to help preserve Mother Nature!
Note: Please consult a physician regarding any medical issues. These recipes are not intended to replace any necessary treatment required.


Luigi | Brochure Printing said...

Tea! I love tea! I didn't know that it can be a cure for Pink Eye also. I think that this is better. It's a natural way of curing Pink Eye.

Anonymous said...

i have tried this and it really works. it saves a trip to the DR.